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Balancing the Budget – How to Choose the Right A/V Company for You

Planning an event takes time, patience, and a copious amount of decisions. Flowers, seating, food, and perhaps most stressful of all, what kind of audio/visual company to work with. A/V companies provide microphones, speakers, screens, projectors, lighting, video, the list goes on – and there are so many companies to choose from. Luckily, Tech 12 is here to make your A/V needs a seamlessly integrated part of your next event. Here are four things to look for when choosing an A/V company to work with. 

  1. Can provide for your type of event 

The first thing to check for when searching for an A/V company is that the company can provide audio visual for your specific event, be it in person, online, or hybrid (for questions about the difference, click here). 

Each of these types of events require different gear and services from the A/V company that you’re working with. It’s important to make sure that your event will run smoothly no matter how it’s being held – which leads to the next thing to look out for when choosing a company. 

  1. Experienced A/V (on a budget)

The attendees of your event will notice if something is amiss with the audio or video: a projector being crooked, the microphones too quiet, a Zoom call shutting down. These are all examples of how an event can come to a screeching halt due to A/V mishaps. That’s why, when choosing your A/V company, it’s important to make sure that the company has provided services before for an event similar to yours. This can include the above categorizations, but also expands to a history working with all kinds of events: receptions, conference calls, meetings, and large scale corporate events are all examples of different types of events. 

Check with the A/V company beforehand to ensure that they have prior experience working events similar to yours while also being on budget. Tech12 is here to provide clients with affordable and experienced audio visual. This will help your next event to go flawlessly, for both you and your guests. 

  1. Able to provide gear and services 

As an event planner, you’ve done your job – the venue is scheduled, the menu selected, and your A/V team has relevant experience to your event. However, experience is not the final matter when choosing your A/V company. Have a list of gear that you want for your event prior to searching for a company, and then make sure that the gear can be provided in a timely and orderly manner. 

This includes the size of certain pieces of gear. If your event is being held in a large ballroom, you need to make sure that the A/V team can provide large screens. The same is also true for the services provided. Always check to make sure that in-room A/V operators are available for the day of your event if needed, as well as technicians to set up for your event. 

  1. Partnering from start to finish 

We’ve already established that coordinating an event can be stressful, so make sure to find an A/V company that will work with you and your team throughout the entire process. This will not only ease your mind, but guarantee that the A/V for your event will be stellar. Check the website of the company you’re considering for mission statements and assurance that their team will partner with you and yours for whatever you need regarding audio visual needs. 

Looking to schedule A/V for an event? 

Tech 12 is committed to a high standard of excellence regarding live, hybrid, and online events. Our small but dedicated team of technicians and operators are trained in all types of events, from intimate cocktail hours to orchestras to corporate meetings which require the . Our storage facility is stocked full of gear to fit any room, and we’re devoted to finding the right balance between supplying for your needs, while not breaking the bank. And perhaps most importantly, we guarantee guidance and partnership from the first phone call until the big day has gone off without a hitch. Book Tech12 for your next event! 


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