Tech 12 specializes in virtual, hybrid and live events. Whether it is a virtual corporate board meeting or a hybrid work conference, Tech 12 handles any and every event. We provide tailored experiences for attendees and events looking to broaden their reach by merging technology with live events.

Our goal is twofold: to guide, support, and assist in the coordination of events, and bring our technological skills to the table to enhance the experience for your guests.

Think of us as a technology company, AV company and event manager all in one – we manage an event from end to end to make sure that every attendee has unique experience whether they are in person or virtually attending.

Here are some examples of the type of events we have worked with:

  • Hybrid and Virtual Work Conferences
  • Hybrid and Virtual Non Profit Board Meetings and Events
  • Hybrid and Virtual Corporate Board Meetings and Events
  • Hybrid and Virtual Trade Shows
  • Live Streaming of live events
  • AV for live events

Unsure of which direction to take for your next event?

We work with events big and small to narrow down which direction they should take. Every event is unique in its own way which requires the proper planning to make sure that everything runs smoothly for the attendee and the stakeholders holding the event. We have years of experience in walking clients through every intricate detail of an event to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

We are here to be your partner and to make sure that your next event is a memorable experience for all your attendees.